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privacy policy

Enforcesco SA adopts a set of measures with the purpose of respecting the privacy of its customers and protecting their personal data.

This Privacy Policy, created in connection with the use of the website and the mobile application (AppY), regulates the collection, treatment and protection of personal data provided by Enforcesco SA customers, as well as the exercise of your rights in relation to this data, in accordance with the legislation in force with regard to Personal Data Protection.

Privacy policy changes

This document can be modified at any time. If the change is substantial and has implications for the way Enforcesco SA collects, uses or treats customers' personal data, it will be informed so that customers are immediately aware of this change, by means of a notice on the website's homepage, or by sending information by email or by message to be sent through the reserved area.


The availability by customers of their personal data implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, whose reading is intended to enable customers to decide freely and voluntarily whether they consent to provide their personal data to Enforcesco SA.

When entering their personal data on the website or in the mobile application (AppY), the customer is consenting in a free, informed, specific and explicit way, the collection, use and treatment of them in accordance with the rules here defined.

Consent may be withdrawn by the data subject at all times and using the reserved area made available online for this purpose, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment carried out based on the consent previously given.

The fields on the website or the mobile application (AppY) with the indication that they are mandatory, are intended to allow the signing of a contract between Enforcesco SA and customers, so if they are not provided , the contract cannot be concluded.

Data collected

Enforcesco SA may, respecting this Privacy Policy and within the scope of the use of the services available through the website or the mobile application (AppY), collect and store information that, voluntarily and with consent, is transmitted to it, including the registration data in the reserved area (registration email in the reserved area, TIN and CPE), the contractual data (name of the contract holder, CPE and / or CIL, address of the installation, contract number) and the data of use contained in the reserved area and referring to the history of the transactions carried out, including the respective dates.

The data requested to register on the website or on the mobile application (AppY), are not considered, in the light of the applicable legislation on the Protection of Personal Data, as sensitive data, therefore, the following are not applicable. inherent restrictions.

Purposes of the processing of Personal Data

The purpose of processing the information collected in the scope of Enforcesco SA's customer registration is to carry out any campaigns to attract new users and to promote the use of the reserved area.

Thus, Enforcesco SA, acts as responsible for the processing of personal data, as manager of the platform that allows the use of the website or the mobile application (AppY) and regarding the purpose of attracting new users to that platform.

Gathering information

Enforcesco SA collects customer data during the registration process and when using the website or in the mobile application (AppY).

The data provided are treated in accordance with the legally applicable provisions regarding the Protection of Personal Data, namely:

• Treated lawfully, loyally and transparently, and in a way that guarantees your safety;

• Collected for determined, explicit and legitimate purposes, namely: campaigns aimed at attracting new users and promoting the use of the reserved area;

• Accurate and, if necessary, updated, taking appropriate measures to ensure that inaccurate or incomplete data is deleted or rectified, taking into account the purposes for which they were collected or for which they are further processed;

• Adequate, relevant and limited to the purposes for which they are treated;

• Kept in such a way as to allow the identification of its holders only for the period strictly necessary and within the conditions legally provided for the pursuit of the purposes of collection or further processing.

Clients' personal data are collected and entered by Enforcesco SA in automated files for carrying out activities included in the scope of their collection and treatment purposes.

Rights of the Personal Data Holder

Under the terms of the legislation in force in terms of Personal Data Protection, the data subject is guaranteed the right to access, update, rectify, delete, limit and portability of his personal data at all times, as well as the right to object for that purpose, send the respective request through the reserved area and made available online.

If the data subject considers that Enforcesco SA has violated or may have violated the rights it has regarding personal data protection, it can file a complaint with the National Data Protection Commission.

Responsible for the treatment of Personal Data

Enforcesco SA is the entity responsible for the treatment of the personal data of Customers collected through the use of the website or the mobile application (AppY), with regard to the management of the platform that allows the use of the website www.yesenergy .pt or mobile application (AppY) and regarding the purpose of attracting new users to that platform.

Retention of Personal Data

After the collection of individualized personal data, Enforcesco SA will preserve and maintain them for the time strictly necessary to ensure and improve the provision of services underlying the contractual relationship between Enforcesco SA and its Client using the services available through the website or the mobile application (AppY).

The preservation of this information is intended to enable Enforcesco SA to continue to provide personalized and optimized services without interruption.

Security of Personal Data

Enforcesco SA undertakes to put in place the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect its customers' personal data against accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, dissemination or unauthorized access, by applying a level of security appropriate to the risks that the treatment presents given the nature of the data to be protected.

Under the terms of the Personal Data Protection law, Enforcesco SA takes the necessary measures to ensure that the data provided is protected against access or use by unauthorized third parties.

Enforcesco SA is committed to ensuring the privacy of registered users.

Enforcesco SA does not sell or rent any personal data provided by registered users to third parties.

Notwithstanding the security measures adopted by Enforcesco SA, as an Internet user, the user of the website or the mobile application (AppY) must always adopt additional security measures, namely, to ensure that he uses a device and a operating system updated in terms of properly configured security patches, with an active firewall, antivirus and antispyware and make sure the authenticity of the sites you visit on the internet, avoiding websites whose reputation you do not trust.

The user must also take all precautions to protect his personal data while using the Internet, namely by changing passwords frequently and ensuring the use of a navigation program that allows the use of SSL communication (TLS V3).

More information about cookies

Enforcesco SA aims to make your online experience and interaction as informative, relevant and useful as possible. We use cookies or similar techniques to achieve this goal. We consider it important that our users know what cookies we use and for what purposes. In this way, we help to protect your privacy, while ensuring that our website is as simple to use as possible.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your terminal (computer or mobile device) when visiting certain websites.

Why are cookies used?

Cookies can be used for many different purposes. First, cookies may be necessary for the website to function properly. For example, without cookies, it would be difficult to allow a website to remember your login. These are called mandatory cookies.

Cookies can also be used to analyze how a website is used, to count the number of visitors, and to find out how the website can be improved. We do not associate website usage statistics and other reports with individual people. These cookies are called analytical cookies.

How to manage or disable cookies on your browser

The user can manage the cookie settings in his browser settings at any time. If you simply disable all cookies or all of our cookies in your browser settings, certain sections or features of our website will not work because your browser prevents us from installing functionally necessary cookies.

You can find more information on how to disable cookies or manage cookie settings for each browser on their official websites.

Cookies are used to help the website work properly and improve your browsing experience.
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